Responsibility for the environment

Making aviation sustainable and fit for the future is a complex challenge that requires joint action by the entire industry. Alongside measures to effectively reduce aviation's impact on the environment, it is vital to take people's mobility needs into consideration. Mobility is an essential prerequisite for social development and participation, economic relationships, jobs and prosperity. So environmentally friendly and efficient transportation systems are of central importance.  

As an airport investor and manager with a long-term orientation, we and our airports and other partners are facing up to this task. Our goal is to make an active contribution to minimizing the impact of airport operations on the climate and environment. One main focus is to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Protection, both in our company and at the airports in our portfolio. Where complete avoidance is not possible, we take multiple steps to ensure that emissions are cut to an absolute minimum. Only the remaining emissions are then offset by compensation measures. We continuously review the path we have taken to reduce emissions and consistently adapt the measures we are implementing. 

More information about the environmental activities of our airports