Social commitment

An airport's success is measured not just in terms of business figures, but also by the acceptance of the people around it. So AviAlliance not only assumes responsibility for its own employees and those of the airports in its portfolio, it also attaches maximum importance to passenger satisfaction, passenger safety and security, and the quality of services at the individual airports. In cooperation with them, we have therefore set ourselves the goal of continuously improving the quality of services in order to offer passengers a positive and safe travel experience.

In addition, we consider it important to promote a sense of partnership between the airports and their neighborhoods. For many years, AviAlliance has therefore supported social projects and institutions in the vicinity of the airports in which the company is involved. In recent years, for example, we have supported charitable organizations, schools and kindergartens in Athens, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and San Juan.

The airports in the AviAlliance portfolio also take their social responsibility seriously: in their regions, they form gateways to the world, they drive economic development and represent important employers. As reliable partners and responsible neighbors, the airports support their individual localities by means of targeted initiatives, partnerships, donation programs and an active dialog with local people in order to make a positive contribution to the region concerned.

More information about the social activities of our airports