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Hamburg Airport reaches a positive overall result


Press release Hamburg Airport

Passenger numbers continue to recover // Hamburg Airport exceeds its own forecast with a positive balance sheet // Program ensures improvements in terminal facilities, service, speed and cleanliness

Hamburg Airport is back in the black for the first time since the end of the coronavirus pandemic. The result exceeds the airport's own expectations: The airport had originally assumed a slight deficit but has now achieved a profit of 6.6 million euros. The reasons for the improved result are, on the one hand, the passenger numbers, which have recovered much faster than expected. On the other hand, the airport has come through the energy crisis better than forecast. In addition, the measures taken by the airport to reduce costs and increase revenues have taken effect. Hamburg Airport is now making itself fit for the coming years with a modernization programme. The package of measures is expected to bring tangible improvements in the reliability of the terminal facilities, service, speed and cleanliness as early as this summer.

Christian Kunsch, CEO of Hamburg Airport, assesses the result: "We have not yet achieved the results we were used to in previous years - and which largely benefited the City of Hamburg. The financial cuts in the three corona years were simply too severe for that. But we have achieved the turnaround faster than expected. This gives us more breathing space to continue investing in our terminal facilities and services - we want to make Hamburg Airport fit for the coming years and are looking forward to this travel summer with confidence."

Hamburg Airport back in the profit zone

Hamburg Airport closed the 2023 financial year with a profit of 6.6 million euros. Initial plans had envisaged a deficit of -9.7 million euros. The balance sheet total fell to 706.8 million euros, a decrease of 8.5 million euros (-1.2 percent). This was mainly due to repayments of existing bank loans. Turnover increased from 216.7 million euros in 2022 to 259.4 million euros. This is 42.7 million euros (around 20%) more than in the previous year. The main reason for this strong upturn is the significant increase in passenger numbers.

Particularly high demand from private travelers

In 2023, around 13.6 million passengers traveled via Hamburg Airport (2022: 11.1 million; 2019: 17.3 million) - with a particularly strong increase in demand from private travelers. Hamburg has the best recovery rate of the major German airports after the aviation hubs - proof that Hamburg remains a strong market and a popular airport despite the generally difficult conditions in Germany. Following the sharp recovery in traffic figures last year, Hamburg Airport is expecting more moderate growth of around 5 percent for the current year.

Record: more trainees than ever before

With around 1,750 employees, Hamburg Airport is keeping the number of staff at a stable level. A slight decline in 2023 was due to partial retirement and early retirement arrangements that were offered during the coronavirus period and came into effect last year. At the same time, Hamburg Airport had a record number of trainees and dual students. 20 trainees in 10 training occupations in 2023 was a new record, which will be surpassed again this year with 26 trainees in 11 training occupations. Berit Schmitz, Managing Director at Hamburg Airport: "We are focusing on a sustainable personnel strategy. This can be seen not only in our once again strong training year, but also in our ground handling services. This year, we are once again strengthening our team with foreign staff, who we hope will stay with us long-term. With employees from around 60 nations, we already have a successful international team."

"HAMUpgrade" - package of measures for the airport

Hamburg Airport has launched the "HAMUpgrade" programme for the coming years, which should bring noticeable improvements to the airport as early as this summer: "We are focusing on technical solutions, more staff on site, we are prioritizing modernization and we are investing in cleanliness," says Christian Kunsch, Managing Director of the airport. The measures include the expansion of the popular Slot & Fly service, which allows passengers to reserve a time slot for access to the security checkpoint free of charge. In future, 50 percent more slots can be booked here. All baggage machines will also be retrofitted with hand scanners to make handling even easier for passengers. Over the next three years alone, the airport will be investing over 10 million euros in the renovation, maintenance and upgrading of the terminal structure with elevators, escalators and revolving doors, as well as the construction of new sanitary facilities.

HAMUpgrade measures - at a glance:

- Modernization of elevators, escalators, revolving doors, sanitary facilities

- More CT scanners at the security checkpoint

- Expansion of Slot&Fly

- Improved passenger control

- More accurate waiting time display

- Self bag drop with new Tag-O-Mat

- Hand scanner for easier handling

- Sustainable recruiting for ground handling services

- More money for cleaning

- Focus on faster repairs

- More water dispensers

- Redesign of seating areas and play corners

The measures are already underway and should be noticeable by the 2024 travel summer. At the same time, Hamburg Airport is examining the feasibility of further measures.